About JLT Fieldhouse

JLT Fieldhouse, Inc. is named after my late father, Sgt. Major Joe Lewis Thompson, USMC, who inspired me to follow my dreams and not just talk about them. He adopted my older brother and I when we were just toddlers, raised us as we were his own flesh and blood and laid a path of giving back and making sure you do what you feel is right by following your heart. He served 30 years in the United States Marine Corps, with two tours in Vietnam.He lost his battle with Leukemia in 1996, and since then, I have fought to find a way to pay tribute to the man that gave me a future and gift of giving back.


JLT Fieldhouse, a nonprofit 501c3 organization, offers year round intense one on one and team oriented basketball training as well as lessons in leadership, teamwork, goal setting and overcoming obstacles. While we primarily focus on the basics of the game of basketball, we also work on developing cross-over athletic skills, building self esteem and the value of team success over individual achievement. Our major contributions to the community will be mentoring and coaching of life skills and establishing a foundation to provide educational assistance to JLT Fieldhouse participants and nonparticipants alike.

Sgt. Major Joe Lewis Thompson “JLT.” The man that made all of this possible by giving so much of himself and providing a loving environment of caring, but more importantly, one of support and allowing me, his son, to honor him the best way I know how!

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