Activity Cancellation & Assurance Policy

Activity Cancellation and Assurance Policy

We receive more lesson requests than we can accommodate, Due to overwhelming responses to our private lesson program. Unfortunately, we have had clients that have not shown up for lessons or cancelled at the last minute, which takes away the opportunity to fill the vacancies. 

All private lesson participants are required to read, agree and sign our Activity Cancellation and Assurance Policy.

 JLT Fieldhouse Activity Cancellation and Assurance Policy

By signing and submitting this cancellation policy, I understand: 

a)  I will be financially responsible for the lesson time for which I have scheduled, b)  If I cancel my session within 24 hours, I will still be responsible for paying for the full session,
c)  failure to pay for services scheduled and fulfilled will prevent any future sessions to be scheduled. 

I read and agree with the JLT Fieldhouse Activity Cancellation and Assurance Policy. 

Parents Name:

Student Name: 


Lessons Notes:

  1. Parents and/or guardians are welcome to observe sessions, but please refrain from interacting with your child during sessions. Having their undivided attention is essential to the success of the sessions.
  2. When arriving, please respect the lesson in progress and refrain from coming on the floor unless instructed.
  3. Once your session has ended, please do not stay on the floor, again to respect the time of the following lesson.