Part 4- Increasing Motivation and Decision-Making Abilities

In this fourth part of my seven part series, I share the important benefits and advantages of Increasing Motivation and Decision-Making Abilities.

Coaching and mentoring young basketball players and teaching them how to lead is highly beneficial for both the students and their community. It requires a significant amount of discipline, both on and off the court. Players learn and understand the importance of following structure, mastering, and refining skills, and consistently practicing in order to improve. The sport also teaches important life skills such as dedication, athleticism, decision-making abilities, and teamwork Their improved confidence has been linked to improved performance and can be translated to other areas of their life. This is the foundation of my S.E.A. Of Success® concept that started back in 1985, my first year of coaching.

5th-8th Grade Coed Camp

With that said, there’s no better way to show off tomorrow’s champions than showcasing what these talented superstars are capable of doing on the court. By taking part in activities such as practice drills – dribbling (basic ball handling all the way through to more advanced concepts such as passing or shooting) – coaches can provide detailed feedback on each one’s individual performance while helping everyone strive towards improving upon their own game.  On top of this, using resources like replay analysis is also key when it comes mentoring young players; essentially videoing drills and then reviewing what they did wrong allows coaches to identify potential errors early on and find ways to tackle them together with the team throughout each training session thereafter. When players can see their errors in real time, the learning process is quicker and a motivator for them.

Chloe Supporting Her Teammates During 1st-4th Grade Coed Camp

This process helps students learn how better decisions can be made during crunch time situations without having put too much unnecessary pressure onto themselves beforehand – crucial qualities for future college, NBA, WNBA and even Rimpage stars! In addition to providing an environment full of growth opportunities for aspiring athletes though excellence within sportsmanship alone isn’t enough; coaches and mentors must stress upon younger players why having respect for authority figures/referees matters just as much as respecting one another at all times out on field – something that will become increasingly important once they move up into the more competitive leagues someday down line.

“The Factory” During 5th 8th Grade Coed Camp

Finally incorporating fun games into practice sessions alongside some educational facts about different positions amongst many other topics further support players learning experience – after all a little knowledge never hurt anyone! In summary then when looking at increasing motivation levels among our youth, coaches and mentors should focus on embracing basketball as a tool to teach strong decision-making abilities, while simultaneously showcasing potential for  upcoming champions everywhere.

“Mer Mer” and Her Bodyguards

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